Masson Mills Working Textile Museum


Open Mon – Sat 10am-4pm,
Sun 11am-4pm.

The museum is open from the first week in January until 30th November inclusive. Closed Easter Sunday and throughout December (Please note that during January inclement weather may affect opening times).


Mon - Sat 11am and 2pm in the Weaving Shed (Sun 12 noon and 2pm)
(times subject to availability)


You can now choose one of three ways to enjoy a visit to Sir Richard Arkwright’s Masson Mills Working Textile Museum.

Lots of further information on the museum exhibits is available either online or by using our free Masson Museum WiFi to access our smartphone QR codes throughout the museum during your visit.

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The musuem floor, rolls of material, looms producing cloth and working beaming overhead

Masson Mills Weaving Shed

A small room with a massive bobbin collection

Masson Mills Bobbin Room

Masson Mills house a fascinating collection of authentic historic textile machinery dating from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. In 2010 the collection was described as “possibly the UK’s finest collection of working textile machines” and includes machinery originally from Masson Mills, along with a large collection of other items and artefacts from textile mills all over Britain.

What Was It Like To Work In An 18th Century Cotton Mill?

Visitors to the museum can experience the genuine atmosphere of a working 18th century cotton mill in the original 1783 Masson Mill – the sights, the smells and the sounds are authentic and evocative. At Masson Mills there is a palpable sense of the continuity of enterprise. After “clocking in” with their entrance tickets, visitors “step back in time” on entering the old mill. Here they can see and appreciate Sir Richard Arkwright’s Legacy of over 200 years of industrial history.

Spools of cotton being wound on a machine

Masson Mills Doubling Room